[UPDATE] Four Hundred Examples of What’s Good in American Education
Written by Errol St. Clair Smith
Saturday, 25 April 2015 00:00

Wow! What a surprise to discover that there are now over 400 Twitter chats dedicated to offering  support and professional development for virtually every interest and passion in the education field.

Just this week we saw a new chat being launched that the founder described as being for “curriculum nerds.” It’s increasingly true that if there is an education topic you are passionate about, “there’s a chat for that.”

The collaboration, sharing and modeling that occur weekly on education Twitter chats across the nation may be the quintessential example of what’s right in American education.

It's also  noteworthy that this worldwide phenomenon was started right here in America with Edchat - the brain child of Tom Whitby, Shelly Terrell and Steven Anderson.  

In case you haven't heard, education Twitter chats have become such an important expression of the spirit that is driving education forward that the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences has decided to add the category to this year's Bammy Awards.

For the first time, “the entire collaborative community of educators” who participate in any of the education Twitter chats can be recognized with a Bammy Award. The intent is to acknowledge the contribution being made by that entire chat community.

The new Twitter chat category will enable members who participate in a chat to nominate that chat, vote for that chat and share stories of how the chat is supporting them and their professional development. Adding the chat category to the Bammy Awards will help more educators -- connected and unconnected -- discover the chats and find those that suit their needs.

The Bammy Award will ultimately be presented to and accepted by the chat founders or moderators on behalf of the entire chat community they helped develop and lead. However, the award is not focused on the leadership; it’s intended to recognize the amazing contributions being made by all of the people who come together regularly to make these education chats happen.

What are your favorite education Twitter chats? Which chats are making a difference in your life and practice?  See which chat’s others are raving about:

See Chats and Vote  |  Nominate a Chat  

Last Updated on Saturday, 25 April 2015 20:23

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