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Top 10 Reasons to Share the News of Your Nomination


Savvy educators tell their own stories.

There is growing excitement and understanding among education thought leaders that educators now have the ability to take control of the stories being told about education. Led by emerging leaders like principal Eric Sheninger, principal Tony Sinanis, superintendent Joe Sanfelippo and tech director Tom Murray, an increasing number of educators are using the power of social media to tell their own stories. Why? Sheninger said it best: "If we don't tell our stories, someone else will, and nine out of ten times we may not like the version they tell." This is why a growing number of educators are listening to Sanfelippo, who closes every segment of his popular radio show by saying, "Never give up the opportunity to say something great about your school!"


Silence is no longer an option.

The relentless national criticism of America's public schools that is driving the negative public perception of education is leading to a decrease in public confidence and support. This is seen in demands to reduce funding, drives for privatization, high-stakes standardized testing, and decreasing influence of frontline educators in the policies that impact you every day. This is true despite the great work and best efforts of the millions who actually work inside education.

Diligently working with kids in isolation, while quietly believing that humility is the best posture for educators, just assures that the negative public perception will continue. To change public perception, the voices of educators must be amplified. The stories of what's right in American education must be told.

Be part of the solution.

"The depth of discouragement among educators in the trenches is at an all-time high and cannot be overstated," said former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch in a recent BAM Radio interview.

This was backed up by Gail Connelly, executive director at the National Association of Elementary School Principals, who said, "I have never seen anything like it in 30 years."

Educators are being intensely scrutinized, but not as intensely recognized for the great work being done. Together we can change this.

Make a difference on a larger scale.

The Educator's Voice Award honorees are chosen by the online education community through votes cast for the nominee on the Bammy Awards web site. As you invite your network of peers, associates, friends and family to vote for you, the comments they and others post are helping to spread the word about some of the great work that educators are doing, what's right in American education and how educators are currently making a difference right now.

Change the headlines.

There are members of the media on the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International.  A Bammy Award nomination can put  the projects you're passionate about on their radar screen. Identifying and showcasing the great work being done by educators and changing the narrative is what the Bammy Awards are all about.

Cross-discipline recognition is a priority.

We hear it all the time: School nurses feel unappreciated by school leaders. Principals feel unappreciated by teachers and vice versa. School administrators feel unappreciated by parents. Parents feel unappreciated by teachers. The Bammy Awards are designed to foster cross-discipline recognition, appreciation and respect.

Your nomination gives us both the opportunity to tell positive stories to the entire education community and the broader public.

Recognize  your team in a big way.

We know that it takes a community to educate a child, so  if you have been nominated, it's pretty safe to say that you are collaborating with many other passionate and committed people in the field. Your Bammy nomination allows you to recognize your valued team members, staff and supporters for their contributions as well. Recognition for your contributions is recognition for theirs. Share it with them and the world.

Yes, it take a village to educate a child.

Bridge building, collaboration and cross-pollination of best practices are the primary goals of the Bammy Awards. We hope that by sharing your story, others will be informed, inspired and may even reach out to work more closely with you to improve student outcomes.

We'll amplify your voice and impact.

Perhaps the best part of our job is having the privilege of helping to amplify the voices of educators with something valuable to contribute to the field. We select our radio guests and hosts from the pool of people making a difference in education. Now you are one of those leaders, and we look forward to helping your voice be heard.

Finally, validation does matter.

Why does virtually every educator agree that students need to be validated, while so many believe that educators don't? Increasingly, educators are becoming discouraged, burning out and leaving the field. Now more than ever, it's important to be validated for the hard work that educators are doing often under very difficult conditions.

Bammy nominations are made by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International, comprised of very accomplished, respected and recognized education leaders. The aggregate achievements and contributions of the Academy's members makes recognition by this group a substantive and unparalleled honor.

Your nomination means that you have made enough of a difference in education that you have caught the attention of a member of the Academy and are a leader in the field yourself. Denying or discounting that contribution is not a virtue. You help bring positive recognition to your organization and the field of education by spreading the word. Join us in sharing the good news!

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