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Why Promote

Some Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Nomination


Changing The Public Discourse

In a recent  interview on BAM Radio, education former assistant secretary of education Diane Ravitch said that the depth of discouragement among educators in the trenches is at an all time high  and cannot be overstated. 

This was backed up by Gail Connelly  Executive director at the National Association of Elementary School Principal who said she has never seen anything like it in 30 years.

Educators are being intensely  scrutinzed, but not as intensely recognized for the great work being done. Together we can change this.

A Bammy Award Nomination  is Meaningful Recognition That Matters

Bammy nominations are made by the Academy of Edcuation Arts and Sciences, comprised of accomplished and recognized education leaders.

Your nomination means that you have made enough of a difference in education that you have caught the attention of a member of the Academy and are a leader in the field yourself. You help the field, youself and your organization by spreading the word.

Your Nomination  places you in the running to win a Educator's Voice Award.

The Educator's Voice Award winners are  chosen by the online education community through votes cast for you on the Bammy! Awards web site.  Your ability to get your network to vote for you is statement of your influence/ impact in the education field which is the basis for the Educator's Choice Award.  Your votes will also influence your chances of winning a Bammy Award in your caterory from the Academy.

Making a Difference on a larger Scale

As you invite your  network of peers, asscoiates, friends and family to vote for you, you are helping to spread the word about some of the great work that educators are doing and how educators are currently making a difference right now.

You'll impress your clients.

Whether it's maintaining current clients or winning new business, "Webby Award-nominated" validates your superior work and gives your clients and prospects the confidence they need to invest in your services.

You can make headlines.

Past nominees and winners have garnered coverage around the world - from CNN, The Huffington Post, and BBC to USA Today, Wall Street Journal and New York Times. A Webby Award nomination offers countless publicity opportunities in national, local, and trade media, as well as internal communications and marketing materials.

You can salute your team in a big way.

Your Webby nomination allows you to recognize your valued employees for their accomplishments. There's no better way to show them that you think their work is award winning than to share your Webby news with the world.

You've proven that you stand out among your peers.

Out of the thousands of sites, videos, apps, and ads that were submitted, there are only a handful of Nominees chosen by the Academy, and your site is one of them. By coming this far, you've proven your site is one of the few that truly stands out.

You can meet the movers and shakers.

When you win a Webby or People's Voice Award, you're invited to attend the live online broadcast of The 15th Annual Webby Awards in New York City, where you'll get to rub elbows with the industry's foremost professionals, luminaries and celebrities. To see who attended the 14th Webbys, check out last year's photo gallery at

You can deliver one of The Webby Awards famous five-word speeches.

As a winner, you will have the opportunity to deliver one of The Webby Awards' famous five-word speeches. Past Webby Award winners - and their speeches - include Al Gore ("Please don't recount this vote."), Stephen Colbert ("Me. Me. Me. Me. Me."), and Amy Poehler ("Me, you, PS22 dance party."). Your speech will be shared with the world via the official Webby Awards YouTube channel at:

Receive validation for a job well done.

Now more than ever, the value of Internet expertise is crucial for any organization. As an Official Honoree selection, your work exemplifies excellence in the industry, which you'll be able to share with your clients, competitors and corporate management.


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