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[UPDATE] 17+ Examples of the Quality That Defines the Best Education Leaders
Written by Errol St.Clair Smith
Wednesday, 29 April 2015 00:00

Want to thank and acknowledge those of you who have already voted for or nominated your peers for a Bammy Award. Special shout-outs to Academy members Todd Nesloney, Tony Sinanis, Nicholas Provenzano, Steven Santilli, Jon Bergman, Jasper Fox Sr., Vicki Davis, William Chamberlain, Regina Lamourelle, Pam Moran, Amanda Dykes, Rich Kiker, Sharon Plante, Jason Flom, Eric Sheninger, Patrick Larkin, Jerry Blumengarten,  Elissa Malespina, and Tom Murray. (Let me know if I missed you.)

Thanks for modeling for all of us what Jim Collins calls the highest level of leadership: being self-confident enough to set up others for success. 

We know that some primarily see the Bammy Awards as a platform for “receiving” recognition, but the real magic of the Bammy Awards happens when people discover the amazing impact of using them as a way of “giving” recognition. 

Yesterday, I talked with Stephen Santilli about the extraordinarily intentional way he is using the Bammy Awards in his school. Stephen is a lead learner at William Davies Middle School; a member of NASSP, AMLE, ASCD, MJPSA and CAPSA; and the 2014 Bammy Award recipient for Middle School Principal. I was floored as he explained to me the extent to which he went this week to nominate key members of his school, his district and his PLN. I was further awed as he shared his plans to create a school-level awards program that would feed into the annual Bammy Awards nomination process. Yes, my jaw is still sitting on the floor. 

Stephen Santilli epitomizes the highest level of leader, who sees recognition and acknowledgement as something to be given abundantly, versus hoarded for himself. He is clearly confident enough to set others up for success and to take joy in seeing others distinguished for the contributions they are making. Stephen represents not only what’s good in American education, but he also could be the poster child for the very spirit of the Bammy Awards. Thank you, Stephen, for being an uber mensch! In an era where many define education leaders by the number of followers they have on Twitter; you and all of the council of peers members above represent the constellation of level-five leaders I follow closely, for guidance on what true leadership looks like in the real world.  Bravo!


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