Bammy awards

Choose2Matter Returns to the 2014 Bammy Awards!

Choose2Matter is proud and excited to announce that it will once again have the honor of selecting a worthy student to receive the Bammy Award for Student Initiative at the Third Annual Bammy Awards this fall.

The student chosen will be recognized at the black-tie, red-carpet Bammy Awards event in Washington DC on September 27, 2014. Choose2Matter will assist the award recipient with fundraising efforts to pay travel expenses.

Choose2Matter intends to select a student with the fortitude to take courageous action to create social change, for good. We invite all educators to nominate an individual student who exemplifies the habitudes of a social entrepreneur:

  • Relentless passion
  • Fierce devotion to a cause
  • Courage and fortitude
  • Visionary innovation

The Student Initiative Bammy Award will be presented to a student who has joined the Chose2Matter movement and shared his or her social entrepreneurship project in accordance with the instructions at

The 2013 Bammy Award for Student Initiative was presented to 13 year-old Mallory Fundora, founder of Project Yesu.

To nominate a deserving student, please complete the nomination form below, only after the student has joined the Choose2Matter community on Yoursphere, our community platform, and shared his or her social entrepreneurship project.

To be eligible for the Bammy Award, nominations must be submitted by July 7, 2014.

For Questions, please contact Mark Moran, co-founder of Choose2Matter, at

About Choose2Matter

Choose2Matter is a global movement that challenges and inspires students to work collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to social problems. Students tackle authentic real world problems and learn the skills needed to compete in today's world.



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