Bammy awards

MYTH #3: The Bammy Awards Don't Make Sense
Written by Errol St. Clair Smith
Thursday, 01 May 2014 00:00

We've decided to start a Myth Busters Page so that you can quickly fact check claims made about the Bammy Awards. As inaccurate claims are brought to our attention, we will publish the correct information here.

MYTH #3: The Bammy Awards Don't Make Sense

FACT: The 2014 Bammy Awards season received 378 nominations; 100 to 300 new registrations a day; 11,521 votes cast; a total of 602,001 page views; and, at its peak, 88,573 people just hanging around the site checking the nominations, reading the comments and being inspired.

This year we added something new: a test to confirm understanding of the Bammy Awards. 332 visitors took the test. The average score was 85.18% out of 100.

Conclusion: The message in the data is clear: the overwhelming majority of people understand what the Bammy Awards are and what they are not. Further, there are tens of thousands of educators for whom the Bammy Awards not only make sense but who value the initiative enough to actively participate.

Why some people don’t get the Bammy Awards

I've spent a considerable amount of time musing about this. But speculating about such matters is risky and foolhardy, and I'm convinced that any wise person would avoid this sort of endeavor altogether. We proceed...

The following is my short list:

  • We've done a really poor job of explaining the program.
  • Some hold fixed ideas that preclude the ability to see what the Bammy Awards really are.
  • Some are parsing words, sentences and concepts to the extent that the meaning and intent are lost.
  • Some are attempting to apply education pedagogy to a public pedagogy problem.
  • Some are looking at the Bammy Awards as a solution to a professional problem versus a PR problem.
  • We've done a really poor job of explaining the program.
  • Some are committed to the immutable idea that anything that looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck must be a duck and should be eaten.
  • Some are searching for flaws, finding them and concluding that the whole program is incomprehensible.
  • We've done a really poor job of explaining the program. (Did I say that already?)

We hear a lot of talk these days about change agents, being the change, thought leadership and thinking outside of the box. Regretfully, what we often see is that "outside of the box" ideas are met with vehement efforts to force them back into boxes we already know and understand. This of course is not new. Every novel idea must get over the inertia of established ideas and pass through the gauntlet of the now ubiquitous "connected critics" before being widely accepted.

We press on...


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