Bammy awards

Myth Buster: Fact Checking the Myths and Misconceptions About the Bammy Awards
Written by Errol St. Clair Smith
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 00:00

We've decided to start a Myth Busters Page so that you can quickly fact check claims made about the Bammy Awards. As inaccurate claims are brought to our attention, we will publish the correct information here.


Myth #1: The persons with the most online votes get on the short list for a Bammy Award; ergo, the Bammy Awards are a popularity contest.

Fact: The online public voting is called the Educators Voice phase of the awards process. As the selection process page explains, "Securing the most Educators Voice votes *does not* guarantee inclusion in level II screening." (the short list)

The "popular" votes collected during the online Educators Voice phase of the process only ensures that those with the most votes will get *noticed.* Only Academy-nominated educators are guaranteed consideration to be on the short list and can be on the short list even if they have *zero* votes. In fact, no public votes whatsoever are required to make the short list or receive a Bammy Award.

So why have a popular vote at all? The purpose of the Educators Voice phase of the process is to "crowdsource" significant contributions happening across the education community that are below the radar or entirely offline. Secondarily, this phase encourages public validation, public support for educators and public sharing of the good things happening in education. Once these stories surface, the educator involved *may* receive an Academy nomination and be included in the Bammy Awards voting. But this is by no means assured.



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