Bammy awards

Really Good Reason #4: Paying It Forward
Written by Errol St.Clair Smith
Friday, 11 April 2014 03:32

I was inspired today by Nicholas Diaz  in his blog post about paying it forward.”  I’m inspired because Nicholas really slam dunked the spirit of the Bammy Awards!  I’m talking one of those Michael Jordan, take-off–from-just-inside-half-court-fly-over-few-heads-swoosh-roar type dunks.

Today Nicholas wrote,   “My spirits were recently lifted and my passion rekindled as I was nominated for a Bammy Award in the Elementary School Principal category.”  But it’s what Nicholas did next that really sums up the spirit of the Bammy Awards. Nicholas went on to write,” Feeling inspired, I am now nominating several deserving educators to spread the amazing Bammy movement.  Take a moment out of your busy schedule and nominate an educator today! You would be amazed to know what a difference your positive feedback can do! So what are you waiting for? Pay it forward!”

Wow!  He totally got it!  It’s about “WE” not me.  Today Nicholas landed on my list of the big WE people in my PLN.  He joins the ranks of people like Brad Currie, Tom Murray, Vicki Davis, Angela Maiers, Lisa Nielsen and others who really get the WE thing. People who don’t just horde accolades, but share and give them lavishly.  On my bucket list, there are a few hands that I would definitely like to get a chance to shake... Nicholas Diaz, you are now one of them. Kudos to you. Sound effects: thunderous applause!


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